Hoang Bach Co. Ltd., a newborn company founded in 2007, specialized in translation, localization & DTP works. As the first founder’s slogan: “Translator for FLAT WORLD”, we are now living in a world, in which people are connected worldwide through the screens of computer. The barriers between cultures and languages have emerged day by day. To be a translator, that means to be a bridge to convey different cultures globally, to connect peoples as close as possible. In combination with the client’s demands, the second founder’s slogan: “Quality – Time – Cost, We share what you care!” has been proven by a remarkable large numbers of translation projects, providing translations with highest quality for clients from Vietnam, India, Korea... to Japan, U.S, etc.

Machine Translation for Vietnamese? Why unacceptable?

Technical problems with Vietnamese translators?

Tools & Resources for Translators

Online Support for CAT technical problems, FAQ...?

So what is behind the combination of these two founders in Hoang Bach Co. Ltd.? It’s a vision, a mission and core values from the professionals’ commitment: Your first choice of Glocalization".

     Vision: One of leading Asian companies in translation industry.

     Mission: Fast, accurate and reliable translation.

     Values: Integrity, Professionalism, Client orientation.

As a young company in the industry, besides existing long-term freelancers we’re working with at present, we’re still looking for other native translators to expand our capacity, not only for English – Vietnamese pair but also other Asian languages. Just like the non-stop rhythm of small dots in top banner, we move forward continuously...

Therefore, to achieve this aim, all of our translators are professional native speakers with years of experience. Most of our natives must be thoroughly tested and approved in their own specialized fields as well as certified by proven translation organizations. All our language services are provided by human because machine translation is not considered as a translation tool in our company (due to some characteristics of Vietnamese). We simply do not accept Machine Translation!

In addition, CAT Tools such as Trados, SDLX, Passolo, DejaVu, Fusion, Wordfast, Catalyst... are also utilized to get the highest quality of translations. Through many projects since 2001, we have collected the large termbases specialized in most popular fields: Medical, Health (>40.000 definitions), Bridge-Road-Watering-Equipment Engineering (>10.000 definitions), Math (15.000 definitions), Linguistics (1.800 definitions), Buddhism (8.000 definitions), Insurance (8.000 definitions)… and over 20.000 TUs. With these huge database plus Vietnamese spell-check and professional dictionary softwares, our native translators can easily shorten any tight schedule as well as produce high-quality translations.


Receive & Analyze source files, Estimating Cost
Translation preparation (Glossaries, style, format, convert, CAT Tools, TMs...)
Translating by native speakers (Spell check by software & natives) - Double check several times after break-time.
Proofreading & Revising translation (by natives speakers if required)
Desktop Publishing (if required)
Feedbacks to Clients, Update TMs, sorting database

In the competitive market of translation, our company dedicates to meet the highest standards in the industry as well as to provide language services globally.

Hoang Bach Co. Ltd. – “Your first choice of Glocalization


Linh Nguyen - Duc Tran, Co-founders

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