1. How to convert Vietnamese fonts? There are several ways to convert Vietnamese fonts. You can do it online (http://convert.holvn.org) or using softwares such as Unikey, Vietkey, Vietspell... Recommended choice: Unikey.

2. Which font is suitable for translation? Depending on client's request but Unicode font (UTF-8) is the best choice in our opinion.

Machine Translation for Vietnamese? Why unacceptable?

Technical problems with Vietnamese translators?

Tools & Resources for Translators

Online Support for CAT technical problems, FAQ...?

3. Which CAT Tool should be used? It's up to your translation job. TRADOS, SDLX are more popular but Passolo, DejaVu sometimes must be used. However, for Vietnamese language, it's important to keep the unique font system! Never use >2 systems of Vietnamese font in the same translation.
4. Tips for outsourcers (Eng<>Vie pair): Ask translators to:
- Turn off Autocorrect option or delete the auto-correction that capitalizes character "i" automatically. Capitalized "I" is almost not used in Vietnamese except in whole capitalized word.

- Use specific system of Vietnamese font (especially for Unicode font, you can not identify visually whether if it is UTF-8 Unicode font or Vietnamese Local CP 1258 font and it will become your nightmare for publishing work). Determining font system will depend on client's usage (for Webpage, publishing work, localization...) as well as utilization of your CAT Tools.

- Check the final translation by natives if you believe that font corruptions occur.

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