Machine Translation for Vietnamese? Why unacceptable?

At our company, machine translation is not considered as a translation tool due to some characteristics of Vietnamese. Do you know the fact that we can create dozens of five-word sentences with different meanings in Vietnamese by shuffling these certain five words or adding commas, question mark… or changing intonation?


Machine Translation for Vietnamese? Why unacceptable?

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 Just have a look at the following example:

1. Nó đến, sao không bảo?

2. Bảo nó đến, sao không?


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3. Sao không bảo nó đến?

4. Nó không đến bảo sao?

5. Bảo đến, sao nó không?

6. Bảo, nó không đến sao?

7. Sao, nó bảo không đến?

8. Nó không đến sao, Bảo?

9. Sao không đến bảo nó?

10. Không đến bảo nó sao?

11. Nó bảo sao, không đến?

In this example, we can create 11 sentences with different meanings and even more if you want!

Vietnamese grammar is absolutely complicated and we have to accept this. The above-mentioned example is true and we have no way but human translation. Therefore, in our company, NO MACHINE TRANSLATION accepted!


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