There’s an important thing that Vietnamese translators have to consider: the font matters. Now, there are several font types being used in Vietnam and problems come up with this situation. Old font such as VNI, VPS, VietWare, BachKhoa… with many coding tables have been less popular due to the development of technology.


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However, modern fonts such as Unicode are not suitable for publishing work due to its modest numbers of art fonts. Therefore, we have to use both of them as well as to convert among them if required.

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And even Unicode font consists of two common types: Unicode Pre-compound font (UTF-8, TCVN 6909…) and Unicode Compound font (Windows Locale 1258). They look quite similar and you can not identify them visually. As a result, the translation which is made by several translators may accidentally consist of two types of Unicode fonts. The matter is that Compound Unicode font might have font corruptions in publishing work and if you convert this translation into other old font system (VNI, VPS…) you’ll get into troubles with font corruptions. Most of the CAT tools (Wordfast, Trados, Fusion…) do not fully support all these fonts except SDLX. Therefore outsourcers should remind their native translators for this matter to get the best results with fewer efforts.

Sometimes, small potatoes may also kill our tight schedule! For that outsourcer, we’ve made good translation for him and the he asked to check the final .PDF file for final release. Unfortunately, many normal character “i” have been changed to capitalized “I” and we have to fix all of these errors. The reason was so ridiculous! While inserting translation into DTP software, his staff forgot to turn off “Auto Correct” option. When the staff accidentally move cursor through normal “i”, all of them had changed into capitalized “I” and it took us more several hours to fix. Therefore, looking for a DTP staff with knowledge of target language should be required by outsourcers! This is also one of our reasons for deciding to offer DTP service!

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